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Empowering the next generation with wealth building strategies for a lifetime of ​financial freedom

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Money Mastery

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Financial Freedom

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Smart Investments

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Money Mastery

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Financial Freedom

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Smart Investments

4% Revolution is looking to create a world where GENERATIONAL WEALTH + financial security is the norm, not the exception.
4% Revolution is looking to create a world where GENERATIONAL WEALTH + financial security is the norm, not the exception.

Breaking down barriers to WEALTH BUILDING for the next generation

Once upon a time, there was a generation of young adults who were totally unprepared for their financial futures. They were clueless about budgeting, investing, and saving for retirement. They were drowning in debt, struggling to make ends meet, and stressed out about their financial situations. It was like wealth building was some kind of secret society, and they were left out in the cold.

Breaking down barriers to wealth building for the next generation

That’s when the 4% Revolution was born. We realized that the gap around wealth building was a serious problem, and it was affecting millions of young people, minorities, business owners, women, and millennials like you. We knew that we had to take action and create a movement to empower people with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed financially. We believe that generational wealth building is a basic human right, and it shouldn’t be reserved for the elite few. Right now, only 4% of people are financially on track for retirement.


We want to see generational wealth building taught in every high school, so that every young person has the opportunity to learn about money management, investing, and retirement planning. We want to see a world where generational wealth + financial security is the norm, not the exception.

The benefits of financial security are immense. When you have a solid understanding of personal finance, you can make smart decisions about your money, build wealth, and achieve your financial goals. You can retire with confidence, buy a home, start a business, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Wealth building strategies are like superpowers that gives you the tools to create the life you want.

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Your Money. Your Future.

When it comes to financial planning, these are the lesser-known, low-risk avenues that pave the way for a secure start.

You know life’s surprises, right? Long-term care benefits are like a safety net for unexpected health challenges. Think critical or chronic illnesses – these benefits can ease the financial stress. Planning ahead with this coverage means we’re not just relying on GoFundMe. It’s all about having a solid backup plan so we can focus on what truly matters – taking care of ourselves, our loved ones, and living life.

So, imagine you’re doing well financially (awesome, right?), but you’re making more than the limit for a Roth IRA. That’s where the “Rich Man’s Roth,” or Indexed Universal Life (IUL), comes in. It’s like a cool alternative – you can stash away funds for retirement, all tax-efficient, even if you’re earning big bucks. Smart move, right?

Ever thought about being your own financial powerhouse and building wealth for your family’s future? Overfunding a life insurance policy is like having your personal bank – you accumulate cash that grows tax-advantaged. It’s not just about you, it’s about creating a legacy for generations to come. Pretty neat way to secure your family’s financial journey, don’t you think?

Picture this: a retirement where you’ve got a steady income flowing in, like a reliable paycheck. That’s what annuities with income riders offer – a safety net for your financial future. Plus, here’s the cool part: the interest grows over time, and most of these policies have a safeguard to prevent losses. Your future self will seriously appreciate the thought you put into this!

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Financial Fomo? Don’t Stress.
We Don’t Gatekeep

How does money work?

Well, there’s a book for that.
Book a meeting and you’ll get your hands on a free copy.
Well, there’s a book for that. Book a meeting and you’ll get your hands on a free copy.

We have been featured

Katrina Padron

Katrina is a licensed health and life insurance professional based in Colorado, as well as a successful entrepreneur. Prior to co-founding 4% Revolution, Katrina built her own marketing agency from the ground up, achieving an impressive seven-figure level of success.

With her extensive experience in marketing and business development, Katrina brings a unique perspective to her work as a financial planner and educator. She understands the importance of building strong relationships with clients and creating personalized strategies that help them achieve their financial goals.

Katrina brings a fresh perspective to the industry, focusing on personalized solutions and educating her clients with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions about their finances and insurance coverage.

Destiny Heller

Destiny is a highly organized and detail-oriented administrative professional with 20+ years of experience in project management. Currently working on obtaining a notary certificate, she brings a meticulous approach to her work at 4% Revolution.

With a keen eye for detail and a talent for organization, Destiny ensures that all projects run smoothly and efficiently. She understands the importance of clear communication and works closely with her colleagues to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that deadlines are met.

Destiny is committed to providing exceptional service, and she approaches each task with a positive attitude and a can-do spirit. She is passionate about helping individuals and families achieve financial wellness and is excited to be part of a team that is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Word on the Street

I never thought I’d be able to get my finances together, but 4% Revolution made it much more doable. It’s like having a cool older friend you always wished you had, with all the money smarts to back it up. And the best part? We did it all from Zoom so I didn’t have to drive all over town.


Working with 4% Revolution was like hanging with a friend who happens to know a lot about money. They never made me feel dumb for asking questions, and their tips and tricks helped me get a customized plan that fits just what I’m trying to do. Plus, we did it all over Zoom, so I could grab paperwork as it came up.

– Nate

If you’re like me and the thought of finances makes you break out in hives and gives you some serious FOMO, you need 4% Revolution in your life. They made everything easy to understand and broke it down into bite-sized pieces, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed. And did I mention we never had to leave our homes to get it all done?